Coconut Oil Hand Soap


This is a pure 100% Coconut Oil soap! Coconut oil soap has a lot of benefits! We make this soap with a high super fat, so it won’t be drying on the skin. Super fat? What does that mean? Coconut Oil is a super cleanser in soap and does a great job at scrubbing off dirt and dead skin cells. What we don’t want is for the Coconut Oil to strip too much of the natural oils from the skin. That’s where superfatting comes into play.. To make it simple, superfatting is when you leave a certain percent of the oils behind while creating the soap. Those oils that get left behind help moisturize the skin while the Coconut oil can still do its work! Since this soap could be drying to some skin types, we recommend this as a hand soap, only.

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Approximate Size: All of our soaps weigh between 4 – 4.5 ounces. Due to the nature of the product, size, shape, and color may vary.

Ingredients: Saponified Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential Oil, Mica Powder for color *Eucalyptus Lavender contains Coconut Milk


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