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Frequently Asked Question!

Our products are made with all-natural and locally sourced ingredients. Soap, as a finished product, is 100% natural.  With that said, some colorants and fragrances may not be all-natural, but they are always phthalate free and vegan.  

Currently, we only offer shipping within the US.  We have future plans of shipping outside the US as our company expands!

The short answer is yes!  But custom orders can be better assessed by sending us an email with specifications.  We will discuss, in detail, what you are looking for and lead times. Custom orders may be subject to price differences and minimum order quantities.

Sodium Hydroxide is used as a binding agent in skincare products and food.  It completely evaporates by the time the soap has fully cured and is ready to be sold!

All our products, and social platforms, are individually labeled with ingredients.  Please be sure to read the ingredients before making a purchase, and always ask questions if you are still unsure!  We are happy to help you find the correct product for your skin!  Some products, for example, contain ingredients such as Goat’s Milk, Shea Nut Butter, Coconut Oil or Essential Oils. Should you experience any irritation, discontinue use right away!  

Yes!  Commercial grade soaps contain detergents and are technically not classified as soap at all!  Store bought soaps tend to be extremely drying, irritating to the skin, and contain little moisture content.  Our handmade soaps, as mentioned, are produced using all-natural ingredients with no harmful additives.  You know exactly where the soap is coming from and with direct access to communication with the crafter, you can ensure a high-quality, REAL soap!

Our bars are cured for a full 6 weeks to ensure maximum hardness when sold. On average, each bar will last about a month with regular use.  Always use a draining soap dish to maximize its life span.